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What do you think: is photography in a growth spurt, a gangly adolescent? Is photography still in its infancy, hoping to realize its potential? Or has the camera blossomed technically, stylistically reacting to its established archetypes of documentary, fine art, landscape, portraiture, topographical, avant-garde styles?

If still growing, which directions will the camera’s enthusiasts direct the genre? If fully formed, are the camera’s practitioners engaging with the form’s legacies? And will the future participators in this form document their own circumstances similarly to how the photographers of yesterday decided to create an image? What is the future of non-camera processes? What technological discoveries will enable or make it possible for tomorrow’s photographer to expand the genre and therefore the capabilities of this presently teeming art form?

If these questions are interesting to you, or if you think you have answers to them, then this blog is for you.

MINNESOTAPHOTOBLOG.COM hopes to stir debate and conversation, allowing the photo-enthusiast and perhaps the random e-visitor the possibility to reexamine his or her definitions of photo-making, enhance his or her enjoyment of the photographic index, connect with others who share a fascination and appreciation for the lenses and bodies that facilitate this work, and to explore work from the photo index that more generally expands our awareness of things photo-related and a result the scope of our physical world.

Expect the following:

  • Continuous interviews of photographers, heterogenous in content and ambition, moderated inventively.
  • Discussion topics. (First theme will be: whether a photograph is made or taken)
  • Events board about photography happenings throughout the state of Minnesota.
  • A free-submission, bi-monthly photo competition decided upon by a rotating crew of judges, along with monthly winner decided by the followers of the blog.


MINNESOTAPHOTOBLOG.COM is a forum for the celebration, exhibition, and discussion of great photo-making influenced by Minnesota (as either made by Minnesotans, made in Minnesota, or made because of some legit Minnesota connection).

Presenting contemporary, nostalgic, and even non-camera processes, the hope for this blog is to explore, examine, and interrogate as many diverse approaches, purposes, philosophies, and techniques there are in the field of photo-making.

This site’s goal is to celebrate the entirety of the photographic traditions from the past, allowing this forum’s readers to celebrate and better understand the contemporary photography of own time, and therefore foster a public discussion about relevant and critically interesting work via a digital interface.

Even if this hub favors a Minnesota vibe–that doesn’t mean we won’t travel or check the driver’s permit all the time.

Expect to peruse continuous paradigm-expanding selections of work; accessible curatorial writing; new artists and series; curated submissions; discussions involving photographers.  Collectively, the published content and the way the content is presented strive to foster a culture of interaction.

So without ado, I christen a new forum. MINNESOTAPHOTOBLOG.COM is an attempt to offer a community platform; to raise awareness and create discussion about photography’s ability to contextualize our surroundings; to explore unique and powerful techniques for the pioneers of film and now in the digital camera-making processes, allowing enthusiasts, professionals, and students to exchange ideas and celebrate picture-making techniques as a tool for self and community expression.

Please follow and converse!

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