This one-year long blog comes to a close

This self-made one-year project closes with the joy of remaining an archive.

The published articles and interviews will remain online; many of the creative works–and the makers of these works–are now showcased in numerous non digital venues; in short, the project feels complete.

if you are a first-time visitor, you’re invited to peruse the pages of this blog: see the variety and the read the authors’ intentions behind their work. 

Here was the premise: after suggesting, selecting, and searching what surrounds the Minnesota photo community, this blog attempted to interact and incite participation, offering an alternative venue to discover the art of the moment whether it be in process, yet-to-be-exhibited, or already on public view.

In closing, as an author my primary goal was to give voice to what I wasn’t seeing around me in my community at a particular point in time–and to offer, in as much depth as I could, a more full image of what I see around me.

Thanks for reading, Tucker

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