In July I started a blog because I wanted to feel involved in a community.


I wanted to offer photography enthusiasts on any level access to the state of Minnesota’s contributions to the omnivorous photo index. Photography is an art form so broad in use, access, and popularity that discernment towards and appreciation for the form in its entirety can become an exhausting educational task.

As I’ve learned more about photography and more importantly about its ability to influence people, to document histories, to question its own constructed genres, my understanding of the index begins to broaden, allowing me to more fully conceptualize not only what other photographers have done, but enhance my beliefs about what a photo is, can, should, and will be.

 I find I ask myself more questions now.

My education with the art form has helped me understand the inclinations I have towards particular styles or for particular “eyes” or concepts, culturing a more detailed and sophisticated appreciation towards the massive and impressive index legacy created by the visual photo data that is captured or informed by the camera. (This blog also intends to explore non-photo processes.)

As a practicing photographer, I find engaging with others’ work to be both intellectually and experientially interesting as well as critical to my own growth.

MINNESOTAPHOTOBLOG.COM is a project that hopes to build community, offering myself and others the opportunity to learn more about the genre as well as interact digitally with the genre’s authors. Photographers will be given the chance to “share what they want, how they want to, when they want” through interviews, press releases, updates, lectures, video uploads, essays, etc.

MINNESOTAPHOTOBLOG.COM aspires to publish continuous, relevant, and paradigm-expanding Minnesota based photo content.

MINNESOTAPHOTOBLOG.COM is not an advocator of trends, styles, or artists specifically, but is instead a platform to communicate and converse, to educate and express this visual form in a hub-like, communal forum.

If you’d like to see my personal practice:

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